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A Home Contents Inventory Template

Here are 10 reasons how a Home Contents Inventory Template can help you when Buying, Selling and Renting a Home.

1.  A landlord who does not include an inventory in a rental contract is asking for trouble. Unscrupulous tenants will scarper with your stuff if it is not recorded in writing.

2.  Tenants who do not insist on an inventory will be at risk of losing their deposit if a landlord claims that something is missing.  Don´t rely on your landlord´s memory.

3.  As a home seller you want to avoid any last minute confusion when negotiating a price.  The sudden realisation on the part of the buyer that Aunt Sally´s hat stand is not part of the deal shouldn’t cause it to fall through, but it might!

4.  As a seller you also want the legal process to go as smoothly as possible, attaching an inventory with all items included as part of the sale can save time and money.

5.  As a home buyer you need to be sure exactly what is included in the purchase price.

6.  Also as a buyer you need to protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers, an inventory will ensure that the seller understands he cannot remove electrical points or light fittings or dig up garden plants – yes this does actually happen.

7.  An inventory will speed up negotiations if you want to pay a separate price for the house and furniture. This is quite common when an asking price is close to a stamp duty threshold.

8.  An inventory will help even if you don’t plan to move in the event of an insurance claim. Fire and theft are bad experiences and compiling a list of your possessions can be difficult once they have gone.

9.  An inventory should include attachments of photos and, if possible, receipts of high value items.  This will provide you with solid proof of the value and condition.

10.  If you update your inventory as you acquire new purchases you will have an instant and easy reference for all your possessions.  This has so many uses you will be amazed.

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