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How to move house the easy way.

Moving house can be a very stressful task and one that needs a lot of preparation, planning and organizing. According to, 11% of the UK population moves home every year. This is an exceedingly high amount and a number that is said to rise in upcoming years. If so many people decide to pack up and move house each year there must be more than just a few secrets of the trade that will make the process run more smoothly. Here are a few…

Change your Address
It is advisable that you change your address prior to moving to avoid any misdirected mail. Remember to notify your bank, telephone and internet provider, TV licensing, employers, schools, post office etc. If you have any magazine subscriptions don’t forget to change your address with them too, as well as your delivery address on online companies such as eBay and Amazon.

Put things in storage
The last thing you need when you’re moving house is tons of excess items that clog up your space. This option is perfect for those who are in-between moves, downsizing their home or just need to get rid of a few things before the big day. By using a facility like this storage unit company, you can store furniture, files, books, sports equipment and whatever else you may need.

The right movers
If you have access to a van and lots of friends who are willing to help you out then you may not have any need to hire movers at all. If you are hiring them though make sure that you choose the right company. Some removers have odd ‘rules’ that you may have missed. For example, some companies refuse to move items stored in rubbish bags and will only take boxed items. This is why it is advised that you read the small print before committing to a particular removal company.

Meet the neighbours
Moving into a new area can be daunting, especially when it comes to meeting so many new people at once. Location Location presenter Kirstie Allsopp told the Telegraph that it is important to meet your new neighbours before deciding to move in. She warns that if their property is in a ‘bad state of repair that should ring alarm bells. If you do go ahead, make sure your solicitor checks for records of rows with neighbours.’

Packing made easy
Start packing your things well in advance of the big day. Stock up on cardboard boxes, tape, cardboard corners for your pictures and bubble wrap. If you want to save money then use your clothing to wrap up things like plates and glasses to save on bubble wrap costs. Make the unpacking process easier by labelling all of your boxes.

‘Essentials’ Box
According to the BBC it is a good idea to pack an ‘essentials box for the first night in your new home’. This box should include the things that you are going to need first such as tea, coffee, snacks, toilet roll, utensils and maybe even a kettle.

Choose a good time to move

It is best to avoid the more busy days of the week such as Fridays and weekends as there will be a lot of traffic which could make the moving process more difficult and time consuming. Choose a quieter time instead, such as midweek. It also advised to avoid moving on a bank holiday as moving companies tend to be particularly busy during holidays.

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