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Top 10 Tips for Selling a Holiday Home

Perhaps the time has come to part with your beloved holiday home?  Whether you need to upgrade, downsize or just cash in Proppio has put together a list of our Top 10 Tips for Selling a Holiday Home and getting the best price as quickly as possible.

Top Tips for Sellers

  1. Market your property.  You can list your property for free with It takes minutes to sign up and we have a whole range of hints and tips to help you, so have a browse through our blog for more information.  A signboard can increase your chances of selling by over 60% and is available via your property listing!
  2. Assess.  Step back and look at your property from the perspective of the buyer, you need to be objective about the good and less desirable points of your home.  Why not ask a friend you can trust to be totally honest if you need help to do this.
  3. Detach Yourself. If it is a home that you have enjoyed for many years, the chances are that you will have sentimental feelings that will cloud your judgement.  Clearing out your personal nick nacks will be a good mental preparation for letting go.  That chipped pottery from 20 years ago may bring back hilarious memories from a summer of madness, but it is not going to impress a potential buyer.
  4. Clear and Clean.  As with any property sale, you need to ensure that your property is in tip top condition in order to achieve the best price.  Once your home is cleared and cleaned it will be easier to see areas that need work.  Many holiday homes tend to collect junk and unwanted items from the main home.  Be ruthless, if something is not useful or beautiful throw it away.  Chances are, if it has sentimental value but isn´t important enough to take back to your main home, it is probably not that important.
  5. Update. You may find your old tattered rugs and jumble of pictures charming, but you are more likely to appeal to a broader range of potential buyers if you update the style of the property.  Inexpensive contemporary furniture and furnishings can had thousands to your selling price.  Opt for clean sleek lines and simple colours.  The exception to this might be a historic property, which should still look clean and neat.
  6. Renovate and Decorate. A dated bathroom or kitchen can be a major turn-off for potential buyers who do not want to spend their holidays renovating.  If you can´t stretch to that, even a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to brighten up a tired property. 
  7. Emphasise the good points. Think of all the reasons why you have enjoyed your property.  Emphasise these in your property description not forgetting to mention benefits such as setting, amenities, transport and nearby attractions.
  8. Price correctly.  If you do everything perfectly, yet price your home incorrectly, you could either lose money or put off potential buyers.  Do your research and compare your property to similar ones sold in the same area.  If you want more help why not order a Hometrack report?  It only costs £19.95 for a comprehensive report which is used by over 80% of mortgage lenders in the UK. You can buy one through your property listing on proppio.
  9. Ask for help. Using an agent can be easier if you are selling your property at a distance.  If you still want to sell your own property (and save thousands) you could still ask or pay someone you trust to do the actual viewings and make the arrangements yourself via Proppio using our secure messaging service.   
  10. More Marketing.  If your property could be marketed as a holiday home, the chances are that there are local attractions that make your property just one part of a whole holiday lifestyle.  Tell potential buyers about your local area and include information on things like your local town, the best nearby pub or a famous beach.  Adding photos and video clips of your local area will also make your property a more exciting prospect for potential viewers.  You could even add links to information already on the net.  Using Proppio also allows you to share your listing via Twitter, Facebook and google+.  You can also add a video to your proppio listing via Youtube.

For a few extra pointers why not take a look at some examples of holiday homes for sale with now?

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