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Top Free Resources for UK Property Owners, Landlords and Renters

As well as taking a look at the handy proppio guides  there are many sources of  top free resources for UK property owners, landlords and renters on-line.

Here´s a list of some of the best.

The Land Registry

One of the best ways to fix a price for your property (apart from a Hometrack report) is to look at what similar properties in your area have sold for. There is even a handy tool that allows you to adjust for inflation and get an accurate value at today´s home values. 

The Homeowners Alliance

The Homeowners Alliance was created to represent the interests of UK home owners and provides in-depth information on a variety of issues including rights and responsibilities, buying, selling and resources.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Don´t be confused by the new thresholds, here´s a handy free calculator to work out the stamp duty you need to add to the price of your new home.

On the Market Direct

This useful site offers a variety of advice on buying, selling and using estate agents – both traditional and online.  We like this site because it is informative and not just because they like proppio!

The National Landlords Association

Provides information on a wide variety of topics for landlords and even has a library resource that anyone can access for free.

How to Rent – a Government Guide

The UK government provides lots of free advice, if you know where to look.  This is a comprehensive guide that explains the jargon and includes checklists of things to check out and consider before you rent.

Energy Saving Trust

Helpful hints and great tips on how to save energy at home. Complete with a home energy check and a water energy calculator.

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