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Top Ten Tips on Packing Up your House

We all know that buying, selling or renting a house is just part of the heartache of moving.  One the things nobody enjoys is packing and unpacking.  If you dread the thought of smashed china and lost items read our top ten tips on packing up your house and making your move!

  1. As soon as you know you are going to move, start to get rid of unwanted items in your home.  If you have plenty of time you may even make a few quid on eBay.  Anything you haven´t used for a year should be a candidate for disposal.  You need to be even more ruthless if you are downsizing.
  2. Buy your packing materials well ahead of time, invest in good quality packing tape with a dispenser and make sure you have enough cartons and bubble wrap.
  3. Pack non-essentials ahead of time.
  4. Pack per room and label clearly – if you want to be really efficient colour code your boxes red (fragile), amber (can wait) and green (essential).  This will help you to identify how the boxes are packed into the van and where they are placed in your new home.  Fragile items should go in last so that they are on top.
  5. Use extra sheets, towels and out of season clothes to protect breakables to reduce packing materials.
  6. Invest in extra storage boxes (IKEA is great for these) you can use them to fill small spaces in your removal van and you can always use them later.
  7. Take any small items of big cash or sentimental value with you in the car for peace of mind.
  8. Count the total number of boxes in and out so you are sure nothing is left behind.
  9. Have a ‘grab bag’ per person with overnight essentials including bedding, rechargers, clothes, toiletries and loo roll. 
  10. Run down your food stores before moving and order takeaway so you only need breakfast the day after moving.

Good luck with your packing!




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Amy Candia

Amy Candia

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