Bring a little Balance to Your Home – Autumnal Equinox

Wednesday 23 September is the date for this year’s autumnal equinox. This is one of the days in the year when the day and night are almost exactly in balance. Many different festivals are celebrated all the world, often giving thanks for the harvest and offering up prayers that winter will not be too harsh. This year is also special because of the rare series of blood moons which has been giving the doomsayers plenty of opportunity to forecast catastrophe – but don’t be gloomy when could be a better time to bring a little balance to your home?

  1. Feng Shui is based on good design principles and ensuring that each area of your home flows and is fit for purpose. Check out our posts on Feng Shui to give your home a far eastern make-over.
  2. Mood lighting can dramatically change the way a home feels. This is a good time to ensure that you have adequate lighting for work areas for the darker nights and soft lighting for long evenings relaxing by the fire. If you are happy with your electric lighting why not splash out on a few candles as a cheap and cheerful way to give your home a glow. (link to lighting piece)
  3. Fragrance can also bring balance to a room. Use stimulating fragrance such as pine and citrus for work areas and richer scents such as cinnamon and vanilla to make your living areas calm and cosy. Scents such as lavender and amber are ideal for bedrooms and meditation areas.
  4. Colour can make a huge difference and few cushions and furnishings can transform a room. Use bright accent colours to enliven a neutral palette or natural accessories to soften a minimalist décor scheme. Balance of colour brings balance of mind.
  5. Plants are well known to bring a sense of calm and tranquillity so why not treat yourself to fresh flowers or traces of lush greenery. Green plants will complement any décor and help you bring the outside inside for a more natural environment.

We hope you have enjoyed our post on bringing balance to your home. Why not check out these listings on the proppio site for perfect examples of harmony?

Autumnal EquinoxAutumnal EquinoxAutumnal EquinoxAutumnal Equinox



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