The Piano House in China

The Most Romantic Building in China – The Piano House 

This week we feature this great music hall, The Piano House in China which would make a great studio for someone like Billy Joel, Myleene Klass, or baby violinist Akim Camara.  Who is your favourite pianist or violinist?   


This weird Wednesday is not about a home, but it is a very unusual property. Should you ever find yourself in Huainan City, An Hui Province, East China you are in for a surprise, especially if you are a music fan.  Created from a stylised violin and piano this unusual design was built as a haven for musical practice and performance for local college students.  It also houses plans and development prospects for the city in an effort to attract interest to this new town environment.

The main usable space is inside the piano shape which features the curved aspect of a grand piano. The roof is even tipped up by a strut to mimic the prop of a piano lid.  The windows are cleverly designed to include use of light to create the illusion of the strings and hollow spaces you would expect to find in a musical instrument.  The violin part of the building is mainly created from glass and houses the staircase to the upper space. 

The Piano House was apparently designed by students at the Hefei University of technology in 2007.  It has also become a huge favourite with local newly-weds who have dubbed it ‘the most romantic house in China’ and pose for photos in front of it.

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