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Tips To Help You Sell Your Home When Downsizing 

We can all imagine how difficult it can be to sell your home, especially when you are moving to a smaller home, or downsizing. However, it is important to be efficient and organised when it comes to selling. There are various different things you could do to ensure your property is in top shape in time for selling. We have come up with tips to help you sell your home when you’re downsizing.


When you are even considering selling your home think things practically. If you are considering a move into a flat, the chances of needing a ladder are slim, so look to clear unnecessary items. These will include any excess beds, mattresses, certain contents based within your wardrobes, cupboard spaces or anything else that will take up extra space within a smaller property. Go through your rooms and see what and where you are able to get rid of things. These can include items that you can live without, but ensure that you are practical.

Can You Sell Anything? 

Some people can find themselves more interested in dumping goods, rather than actually taking the time to sell. Selling certain items could give you extra money in time for your move in dates, taking advantage of websites such as eBay. Even if you are uninterested in gaining any financial value from any of your things then charities will be more than happy to take your things, so take advantage of it.

First Impressions

Buying a home is a major step in peoples lives and nothing can replace the feeling, or impression of walking through a home for the first time. Spend time tidying your home, plant flowers, do the little niggling jobs that may make your home look messy. Spend time rearranging the furniture and exploit open spaces and try to clear mess any mess in your home. This can also be include fixing taps and cracked tiles, as it makes the home look well maintained, neat and attractive.

Do You Have The Right Agents? 

Estate and letting agents can be awfully pushy when it comes to selling your home and they often do not have your best interests at heart. Take your time to find the right agents and compare in order to find the ones who are taking time to help you when you’re downsizing. They could offer help and support when it comes to the look of your property, styles of rooms and even the way your garden looks, so ensure you’re choosing the right agents.


Keeping neutral colours will help you sell your home, as it doesn’t distract potential buyers from looking at the property. If you room is pink, it is hard to image what colour the room could look without the bright colours. Potential buyers will immediately look to change select things and it makes it possible when there are neutral colours, rather than bright and distracting colours. It may take a long time, but in the long run it will be beneficial to your home.

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