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Top 10 Halloween Tips on Haunted Houses

Top 10 Halloween Tips on a Haunted Houses – Interview with a Secret Psychic

We tracked down the secret psychic to the stars, Lady Astrid.  She gave us an exclusive interview and her best hints and tips for proppio home-owners over Halloween.

1. Is there any advice you would give to someone viewing a potential new home from a spiritual point of view?

Use your instincts.  Even people that don´t believe they have psychic ability will talk about how a place ´feels´.  Don´t just use your eyes and try to take your time on a viewing and step way for a few moments quiet if you can.  Also ask the history of the house.  If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, walk away.

2. Are there any ´red flags´when viewing a new home which should make someone think twice about buying?

If you know that something bad has happened like a murder or terrible accident be sure that you feel OK about the place.  Sometimes traumatic events can leave traces of negative energy in a property.

3. What would you recommend as a DIY spiritual cleansing when someone moves into a new home?

Your new home should provide a fresh start, so begin by cleaning the house from top to bottom.  If you are religious you could consider having your home blessed.  Otherwise smudging with sage can provide an effective cleansing.  Open all the cupboard doors and close all the windows except one at the back of the house.  Then work your way from front to back with the lighted smudge stick and try to get the smoke into all the nooks and crannies.  Say a prayer or sing a happy song as you go.  Imagine you are driving out any negativity by chasing it out the one open window.

4. What should a home-owner do (for themselves) if they feel a presence in the house that makes them feel uncomfortable?

Begin by talking to it.  Sometimes simply asking a presence to leave will do the trick, but you have to really mean it.  You could also try smudging or prayers. 

5. Where can a home-owner go for help if they can´t live with a presence or disturbances in the home?

If you cannot banish it yourself seek help from a minister or reputable spiritual advisor.

6. Is it usually a person or a place that attracts attention from the other side?

It can be either or both. Places tend to suffer from residual energies.  It is more likely that a person is attracting attention from someone deceased. But  this is not always the case.

7. What is the most challenging haunting situation you have had to deal with?

A poltergeist situation that involved two young girls.  It took several visits to resolve.  But the most disturbing involved so called ‘black-eyed children’.  They bring bad news and tend to be very negative.

8. Is Halloween a special night for spiritual activity or is it all just hype?

Halloween or ‘All Hallows Eve’ is traditionally a night when the veil between the two worlds becomes thinner.  I believe it is a matter of focus, because more people are concentrating on the spirit world, manifestation becomes less difficult.  You´d have to speak with a Wiccan if you wanted to know about Samhain.  There are many traditions associated with this date, especially in Ireland.

9. Are there any positive things home-owners can do on an on-going basis to create a happy atmosphere?

There are many things that you can do.  Some are very basic, such as keeping a clean house. Being positive is the most helpful.  You could also use incense such as Sandalwood or use rosemary oil. 

10. How can someone know if a friendly presence is trying to contact them?

Keep an eye out for objects that you may associate with a deceased loved one.  Some people believe that feather and butterflies are messages from angels or friendly spirits.

Why are you the ‘secret’ psychic?  What stars do have you worked for?

I keep all my clients’ business confidential and only work by referral from word of mouth.  But I am delighted like to wish all your users a very happy Halloween.

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