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What the Chairman has to say about proppio

I am convinced that Proppio will also be part of another huge shift, this time in the way we buy, sell and rent property. For some reason the property industry has been lagging behind in the wake of technological developments, but I believe that this is about to change. At proppio, we want to offer the consumer something which I feel they are now ready for – a way to meet their property needs and save money. One thing that is very clear in my mind is that to truly create a complete community, we have to engage commercial organisations, as well as individuals. For this reason we have encouraged builders, developers and landlords to be part of proppio. We are also delighted to have formed a partnership with the National House Building Council (NHBC) which is the leading home construction warranty and insurance provider for new and newly-converted homes in the UK.  Builders can list as many properties as they like, residential or commercial – completely free of charge. We have also selected reputable business partners to provide a full range of services at great prices so that you can find everything you need in one place. A recent notable addition to the community is Hometrack, which is the largest valuer of residential property in the UK. They will provide proppio members an accurate home valuation within minutes for £19.95. That is a low price to pay for peace of mind when setting a price for your home! I believe that our inclusive policy means that everyone wins. Builders save on marketing costs, individual property owners save on commission fees and buyers and renters will have access to a greater range of available properties, expertise and services. I have been an entrepreneur throughout my career and it excites me that proppio will offer everyone, everywhere the opportunity to be their own property entrepreneur.

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Brian Blake

Brian Blake

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